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Affordable Computer Vision

Easily integrate our Computer Vision API to add some Machine Learning magic✨ to your app. At inferdo, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer state-of-the-art, pre-trained deep learning models, but also our ability to efficiently serve them at scale. That means we can pass the savings on to you! Simply provide an image URL to our API and we'll handle the rest.


$0.00 / MO

5,000 free imgs/month
then $0.0005 each


$9.99 / MO

50,000 imgs/month
then $0.0005 each


$99.99 / MO

500,000 imgs/month
then $0.0005 each


$999.99 / MO

5,000,000 imgs/month
then $0.0005 each

The same rate for all our Computer Vision API's

Provider Pricing Source
inferdo $0.0005 / img
Google $0.0015 / img
AWS $0.001 / img
IBM $0.002 - $0.004 / img
Microsoft $0.001 - $0.0015 / img
Clarifai $0.0012 / img
Nanonets $0.001 / img
imagga $0.0012 / img
WebPurify $0.0015 / img
xModerator $0.0018 / img
SightEngine $0.0015 - $0.002 / img
PicPurify $0.00125 - $0.00163 / img


Use our Image Labeling API to add semantic labels to your images. This model is trained to classify thousands of unique labels across a wide verity of categories.

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Use our Face Detection API to detect the location of human faces in your images. Need more information? Then use our Face Details API to detect faces, gender, age, and other facial features.

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